How does it work?

We'll help you capture and store contact data easily without hassles or fees

Customer registrations

Your customers can check-in at your venue in one of 3 ways: Scan a QR code, Navigate to a URL or send an SMS to a dedicated number with their details.


We'll capture and securely store the data with the date and time of check-in. Data collected, stored and deleted as per Government Guidelines


If required to access the data for contact tracing, you can export the data at any time with a search/filter for any given date.

No gadgets, no fuss

You do not need to invest in any additional hardware or devices. There is nothing further to be done other than print out a PDF and decide which option to make available and visible to customers. That's all.

Multiple Locations? No worries.

If your business trades within multiple locations, you'll be able to setup each invidual location during registration. Data will be stored separately for each location.

It's Free

MyGuestlist customers can access and use the check-in features at no cost.
Not a user of MyGuestlist? Click here to setup a free COVID Check-In account.


All data collected by the Check In app is stored and deleted as per Government Guidelines. Data is only available to the Check In app account holder

If required to provide your visit records for contact tracing you can download this data from your Check In app account.

If marketing consent (via the patron opting in at the time of completing their check in contact details) is provided you can access this data from your Check In app account (or via your MyGuestlist database).

For businesses located in Victoria, our platform is fully integrated and compliant with the Vic Government's Visitation API.

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