Provide quick and stable email & sms messaging within your applications

Implement messaging tools and additional products within your software for the ultimate value-add.

Multiple products. Multiple revenue streams.

Turn on unrealised revenue within your applications

Experience the difference

Provide a series of features to your customers without requiring separate tech providers/suppliers for each digital product.

Explore a new world

Our APIs provide you with a gateway to implement multi-channel messaging as well as bolt on operational products in your software.

Pursuit of excellence

Any software benefits by providing a strong, fast and reliable communications layer between the software and the customer.


Implement amazing messaging automation.


Our API docs allow you to implement email and sms messaging within your existing software for reminders, notifications, confirmations, alerts and more.

Large product range

From operational products around bookings, ticketing and reservations to marketing tools such as competition building, we have an arsenal of weapons for your customers.


We provide you the tools. You set the rate. You own your customers. You bill your customers.


We love tech and software partners. With over 400 partners world-wide, we're creating a growing network of friends and peers in our exciting tech industry.

Product integrations

Various integration methods exist for both one-way and two-way data synchronisations.


Minimal costs are attached to the products and messages purchased within MyGuestlist, providing you the utmost flexibility to incorporate within your applications.

Brilliant Service

Experience working with the most knowledgeable service & technical teams with a lifetime of experience at achieving marketing results.


What Experts say

The world's leading thinkers on intelligent marketing

In the 21st century, the database is the marketplace.

Stan Rapp MRM Partners Worldwide

To get the right message to the right person at the right time you first need to get the right data to the right database at the right time.

John Caldwell

Money is the best feedback

Claudiu Murariu