Social Media Marketing

It’s 2018, and Social Media is more prevalent than ever before. Half the time people are more present on social media than they are at their own dinner table. Every spare moment seems to be filled with check-ins, posts, updates, pins and tweets. If someone isn’t posting themselves, they’re scrolling through their feed. For this reason, your social media marketing needs to be strategic and targeted. Engagement through social media does influence people and can bring in additional business if executed properly.

There are several components that will aid your efforts and up your social media marketing game. Below are our top guidelines which will improve your current social presence.

Develop and Nurture your Brand
Branding your business is like giving it a personality and a voice. Each time you communicate about the business you are shaping people’s perception of what your company does. Being consistent in your verbiage, and the messages being posted will help people to develop a clear picture of what you’re about.

Deliver Value
It’s simple really. Listen to what your customers are looking for and deliver it. Competition is tough, if you aren’t able to listen to what your patrons want, then be prepared to watch your customers go to your competitor.

Speak your customers’ language
Know your demographic and know their language. Research your customers and likeminded influencers on social media and learn how they talk. Using their lingo, superlatives, catch phrases and hashtags will help them identify with your brand. Post the majority of your marketing on the channels that your customers are most active on.

Quality & Relevance
Include visuals in your social media posts and make sure they are high quality. Using professional photos which have been edited well will drastically increase your presence. It goes without saying that your photos and videos need to be relevant to what you’re promoting and should be on brand.

Following the aforementioned guidelines will improve your engagement on social media and should help draw more attention to your business. Don’t forget within the Social tab of your MyGuestlist account, you will be able to create and schedule your strategically planned social media posts.

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