Advanced Segmentation with MyGuestlist


Understanding your database and properly marketing to the contacts within it is important. MyGuestlist aims to give you the ability to learn more about your contacts and communicate to them based on exactly who they are.

Within the Database Section there is a feature called Advanced Search. This allows you to gain richer insight on your customers. Advanced Search enables you to segment your database in ways the general search does not. You will be able to combine and/or exclude fields, categories, events, reservation data, purchase data (if a POS integration has been set up), form submissions and campaign results. It looks at all areas of MyGuestlist where data is being collected and stored.


So if you were interested in sending an email to contacts within the database who purchased tickets to a Melbourne Cup event last year, you could easily identify these contacts by using the Advanced Search feature.

Once you have executed your search you can save it. Saving an Advanced Search allows you to reference and load the search at any time.

The best part about Saved Searches is that they are dynamic – meaning that any time you load the search it will populate with any new contacts that meet the search criteria. For example: let’s say you had an active integration with your booking system and you saved an Advanced Search which identified all the contacts who had dined at your restaurant 5 times. Each time the search is loaded the results will vary because there will have been more contacts who have dined 5 times.

Using Advanced Searches for your marketing communication is easy. Once you have saved your search you can access the search when selecting your campaign recipients.

Advanced Search can also be used for setting up automated messages. Automation using the Advanced Search criteria allows you to communicate to individuals based on their personal experiences with your venue. For example, if you have an integration set up with your booking system, you will be able to invite a customer to dine with you again if they have not dined with you for a while (e.g. 3 months).  This type of marketing is incredibly effective because of the personal nature of the messages.

If you are interested in learning more about Advanced Search, or would like some training on this feature, please contact us. We would be more than happy to assist.


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