Getting Smart About Data Capture

Chances are, the systems you utilise every day are collecting data that could be utilised for smarter marketing. Often, these systems are not linked to anything else, but integrations can be set up. Having your daily systems integrated with MyGuestlist will consolidate your data into one central location and allow you to get a better picture of who your customers are. Knowing more about your contacts allows you to speak to them in an entirely different way. You’ll be able to send very tailored and specific messages based on all the additional information being gathered.

For example, let’s say you have a loyalty system in place that is run through your POS system. Integrating both the POS and the loyalty module would allow you to send out Membership newsletters with the members’ current points balance, membership number, expiry date (if applicable).  You’ll also be able to target marketing material to members based on their total spend, or the last time they’ve visited.

Having this additional knowledge allows you to specify the exact people you want to reach. It is proven that sending marketing to a carefully selected segment of your database increases the response rate. Additionally, you will also be able to set up automation which will send individual messages out to members based on specific criteria (i.e. Member reached 500 points). Automation is an incredibly powerful tool which allows you to communicate to customers one-to-one. This method of marketing is very personal and in turn is especially well received.

By taking a quick step back and thinking about the various systems used across your venue, you may discover that one or more of these everyday operating systems is collecting data that is not being utilised. MyGuestlist are willing to look into setting up any integration for our clients, as we understand the massive benefit that additional data provides. If you have another system that is collecting data (POS, Loyalty, Gaming, Booking, Function Management, etc) please contact your friendly MyGuestlist account manager to discuss the options for setting up an integration. We are around and would be more than happy to help you plan for the type of communications and personalised marketing that you will be able to achieve.

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