Automating your birthday campaigns

One of the best ways to increase patronage is to implement birthday automation. The reason for this is because it allows you to speak to customers in a one-to-one manner. Unlike your normal campaigns, birthday automation is incredibly personal. It gives you the ability to address your customers by name, thank them for their patronage, and acknowledge their birthday. Speaking directly to a customer about something personal allows the customer to see you in a new light. Birthday messages often changes their perception because it shows that you cares about them.

This level of communication also allows you the opportunity to give back to the customer. By including an offer in the birthday message, you are providing incentive and increasing the likelihood of that customer celebrating their special day at your venue. Birthday offers can be whatever you see fit, but should be relevant to your brand. The value of your offer should also align with your customer demographic. For example, if you are a pub, and you main clientele is uni kids, your birthday offer should be something inciting to a university student. Whereas, if your clientele is mature professionals, the offer should be relevant to their typical spends. When coming up with your offer, make sure you clearly outline any terms and conditions about what is included and excluded. If the aim of the offer is to get customers to come in and celebrate their birthday midweek, then you will want to stipulate that the offer can only be redeemed Monday – Thursday. If selected properly,  offers are highly regarded and valued.

Using a little creativity, you can ramp up normal birthday automation by setting up additional messages which will send to contacts with Milestone Birthdays (e.g.. 21st Birthdays). Offering customers with milestone birthdays a different birthday gift, opens up the possibility for function hire or larger bookings. If you’re keen to leverage contacts’ date of birth even further, you can also set up things like  half birthday messages. Which encourage the customer to come in and redeem an additional offer.

Implementing automation is easy. It is a one time setup process which will continuously send out your messages each time the sending criteria has been met. The payoffs of implementing birthday automation can be huge. What are you waiting for? Set up your birthday automation today and start reaping the benefits.

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